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Self Study CE Certificate Requirements
March 1, 2012 (published) | February 6, 2014 (revised)


Courses With No Real-Time Sessions (otherwise known as Self Study CE Courses)

Our CE courses are entirely online. In this particular type of course there are no real-time sessions, message boards, or instructor interaction. The course is designed around the materials provided in the course area library. This type of course utilizes asynchronous learning with a twist to maximize your learning experience:

  • Non-interactive learning is self-directed study whereby the participant reads documents and completes homework quizzes, assignments, or tests. Participation is recorded via computer and is based upon the completion of the provided lesson materials.

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Participation Policy for Course Credit

With self-study courses, a course outline is provided to list the tasks the participant needs to complete in order to earn a CE certificate. 

    • These tasks must be completed before the course close date.
    • Tasks may include reading provided materials, watching videos, participating in interactive games and/or case challenges, taking quizzes, etc.  
    • Successful completion of quizzes and the end-of-course test are mandatory if you wish to be considered for a CE certificate.
    • Each online quiz and the end-of-course test must be completed with a score of 80% or better.
    • Quizzes and tests may be taken as many times as needed to attain a passing score.

    • Successful completion of the homework quizzes and the end-of-course test are mandatory if you wish to be considered for a CE certificate. Please check your course announcements for instructions.

    • The online homework quizzes, end-of-course test, and the course evaluation are posted in the course area library and must be completed before the course closes. 

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Learning Online is Convenient and Easy


  • Once enrolled in a course, you will receive informational emails directing you to prepare for the upcoming course.

  • On the day the course area opens, you will be emailed your course open instructions.

  • Log into and access the course area. Use the course title link from the Current Classes list on the CE portal page (
    You can also reach the course area from the MyCE page. Find your course in the Current Classes tab and select the green arrow in the Site URL column. For more information about accessing and using MyCE, see MyCE.

    When you log into the course you will arrive at the COURSE MAIN or FRONT PAGE. The first thing you need to do is learn your way around the course area. Select the LIBRARIES link on the navigation bar near the top of the page to access the course library. The Course Outline will provide instructions for completing the course and earning a CE certificate. 

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Course Materials

Course materials will be provided within the course library. Study materials and lesson assessments for each lesson will be provided It is advisable that you review the material for each lesson before taking any associated quizzes or tests. If you do not understand something, please contact your course facilitator. Contact information for the course facilitator is provided in most of the course emails you will receive. Library materials may include:

  • Handouts.

  • Graphics, movies, or other multimedia material.

  • Homework (HW) quizzes are online, multiple-choice question/answer style and linked in the course area library each week. Each completed quiz/test with a score of 80% or better counts as a participation point.

  • The end-of-course test will be MANDATORY if you wish to be considered for a CE certificate. Completion is due by the day the course closes.

  • We would appreciate your completing the course evaluation so we may make the next CE course even better! The course evaluation will be available in the course library the last week of the course and is due by the day the course closes.

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Certificates for Participation

At the end of a course, the VIN/VSPN CE office will confirm your actual participation. If you have met the requirements for a certificate, you will receive an email notification indicating when your course certificate will be available for download from MyCE. You can go on-line to your MyCE page and download the CE certificate anytime after the date specified in the email notification. For more information on how to access and use MyCE, please refer to MyCE.

Each participant is responsible for keeping track of each hour of CE credit earned and for printing or saving this completion certification for submission to his or her accrediting board(s). We provide certificate information to any state or province board only in response to a question from your accrediting board.

If you need further documentation, call 1.800.846.0028 or email

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Contact Us

Katherine James, DVM, PhD, DACVIM (SAIM)
VIN Education Coordinator

VIN CE Services:
1-800-846-0028 or 1-530-756-4881; ext. 797
or direct line to VIN/VSPN from the United Kingdom: 01452226154 

Charlotte Waack, RVT, CVT
VSPN CE Coordinator

VSPN CE Services:
1-800-846-0028 or 1-530-756-4881; ext. 792 
or direct line to VIN/VSPN from the United Kingdom: 01452226154

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