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Clinic Plan: Dr. Jan Allard - Curbside Appointments
April 23, 2020 (published)
Dr. Jan Allard


Owner will call in to let us know they are here. Please let owner know that a nurse will be in contact with them shortly. Remind them that we are currently only accepting credit cards & that we will temporarily accept American Express cards if that is helpful to the client. We will accept cash or check ONLY if they have no other payment options and their pet is experiencing an emergency and they don't have any other form of payment. Please confirm a phone # for the nurse to call back within a few minutes to ask them a few questions & let them know this may come through as a restricted number.

Appt nurse or front floater:

Please use your cell phone (star 67 to make your number private) or one of the AHC Confirm a phone # for the nurse to call back within a few minutes to ask them a few questions cell phones to call the owner & get a full history.

If the patient is a dog:

Please ask the owner to come to the front door to take a leash, removing all collars, sweaters or harnesses & place the leash on their dog. Please let them know that to minimize exposure to high touch surfaces, that we would like them to wait outside their vehicle with the dog & we will be out to meet them.

If the patient is a cat:

Please ask the owner to be prepared to remove the cat carrier from the vehicle, when they see you, for us to minimize exposure to high touch surfaces & have a Lysol wipe with you to wipe down the handle & door lock.

**Please let the client know to have their phone available as the doctor will be calling them shortly

For appointments:

Please bring the patient into one of the exam rooms, via the side door, to help minimize congestion throughout the hospital & to maintain fear free standards. This will also help to minimize noise in the treatment area for any recovering surgical patients.

Once the doctor has examined the patient, they will contact the owner with any recommendations & discussed exam findings. The doctor will then hand the phone back to the appt nurse to go over medications or treatments (i.e. compresses, crate rest etc.) to be done at home. Nurse gets payment, meds & the invoice together for the owner & meets the owner back out by their car. The owner may keep the leash or we can take it back & wash it.