VIN was built by veterinarians for veterinarians. Today, most members are veterinarians or veterinary students. VIN recognizes that veterinary school faculty may not be veterinarians and aims to support you in preparing veterinary students for their next step.

VIN welcomes non-veterinarians and offers free membership to those who:

1. Are full-time faculty directly responsible for significant teaching of veterinary students in the classroom or clinics or who are full-time librarians and pharmacists directly responsible for significant educational or clinical support of veterinary students


2. Clearly demonstrate a meaningful, non-commercial contribution toward advancing the profession, within and/or outside the VIN community.

In other words, non-veterinarian colleagues who give back as much as they take from the veterinary community/profession are welcome.

If you believe you qualify for new or continued VIN membership, please complete this quick survey. After review, we will be in touch.

Thanks for all you do!


Paul D. Pion, DVM, DipACVIM (Cardiology)
co-founder, VIN