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Have you always wanted to fly through a cat skull? Spin a spleen? With IVALA 3D Anatomy, you can pick apart bones, muscles, eyeballs, the heart and the little stuff that connects them and makes them function — or explore the skull or abdomen — and much more — without getting your hands dirty (or smelling like formalin for weeks!)

Something for everyone. First and second year students learning anatomy for the first time can virtually dissect, explore and test themselves. Clinical year students and experience clinicians can review the anatomy relevant to procedures they are preparing to undertake

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Innovative, Interactive Learning Content to Transform Your Veterinary Understanding

  • Transform your understanding of how anatomy translates to clinical practice, ultimately making you a more confident clinician.
  • Anatomy isn’t just lines on a diagram. IVALA 3D Anatomy focusses on clinical relevance and understanding
  • Test your understanding directly within the 3D content or via the question banks. Multiple choice questions written by content experts.
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