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COVID-19 Employee Financial Action Plan
April 8, 2020 (published) | April 28, 2020 (revised)
Tony Bartels; Raphael Moore; Paul Pion

Click here to download a PDF of the COVID-19 Employee Financial Action Plan.

How to Use the COVID-19 Employee Financial Action Plan

You are an employee:

Starting at the top: Why are you worried?

  •    If your business has closed or you’ve been fired or furloughed
    •   Then you should try to reduce your expenses and
    •   Apply for Unemployment benefits.
    •   The bottom 2 boxes on the left-hand side suggest other means of obtaining cash needed to meet your expenses and receive student loan repayment relief.


  •    If your employer is still operating (returning to the top right):
    •   If your hours have been reduced by your employer:
      • Some states provide for partial unemployment benefits
    •   If your hours are reduced or zero because of one of the four listed FFCRA Leave Events:
      • If your employer has  50 or more employees, you are entitled to Emergency FMLA benefits as outlined
      • If your employer has fewer than 50 employees, your employer may be exempted from providing you paid leave to care for a child due to school or care closure

  Updated: 4/3/2020: 
 - Links to supporting documents made more obvious
 - Exclusion for employers with fewer than 50 employees clarified in flowchart