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Breanna Norris, KPA CTP
May 4, 2022 (published)
Breanna Norris

Breanna Norris, KPA CTP, owns her own dog training business. An Alumni Relations Coordinator at KPA, she primarily consults with rescue groups, shelter staff, and foster groups to educate staff and volunteers, assisting them to create easy to follow training, management, and enrichment plans.

Breanna is passionate about helping people learn more about their dogs and helping to create healthy relationships for everyone in the household, dogs, and humans.

She is currently completing her MSc in Anthrozoology at Canisius College. Her studies focus on the human-dog bond and the special relationship triangle between dog guardian, dog and veterinarian. In 2018 Breanna graduated from the Karen Pryor Academy Dog Trainer Professional Program as a Certified Training Partner.