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For veterinarians by veterinarians®, VIN® has served the veterinary profession since 1991. Members of the VIN community (VINners) enjoy unlimited access to an extensive medical database, a wealth of practice management resources, online continuing education courses, live discussion sessions — moderated by experts and specialists — on a wide variety of topics, and a supportive community of colleagues.


The mission of the Veterinary Support Personnel Network is to support, inspire, and lead our profession in the advancement of veterinary medicine by providing a worldwide community for veterinary support staff, complete with message boards, clinical resources, continual education, and interactive sessions in an encouraging, collaborative and sharing environment.
Membership to VSPN is free.


VSPN, Look no further for the best, most comprehensive CE courses taught by world-class instructors… Daily, direct interaction with instructors and fellow participants on the message boards and during the weekly real time sessions are part of what makes VSPN CE unique.


VIN continual education courses are unlike any CE you've experienced. Daily, direct interaction with instructors and fellow participants on the message boards and during the weekly real time sessions help make VIN CE unique. Most CE courses are RACE approved.

VIN News Service

The VIN News Service is the profession's go-to source for trusted, relevant news. Created in 2008 as the media arm of VIN, it accepts no advertisements or sponsorships. The VIN News Service aims to reflect the voice of veterinarians and others dedicated to medicine and animal health by providing unbiased, accurate, insightful news reports and analysis not commonly covered by other media.


VetzInsight, a client education blog, is an inside and insightful look at companion animal issues. VetzInsight is for pet owners, written by pet owners who are also vets and veterinary professionals.

Veterinary Partner

Veterinary Partner® is the antidote to all the inaccurate information found online. Written by veterinarians, Veterinary Partner® provides factual, independent animal health information and resources.


Created for vets, for the veterinary community IVALA creates and host 3D, interactive, veterinary learning content that you can access directly from your desktop or laptop browser. Perfect for students, great for practitioners.


With an eVetSites website, you can control your online presence and customize your website to fit your unique vision. You'll always get free, personalized support from our experienced support team. We'll help you take control of your SEO, domain names, social media, and reputation management to make your website an integral part of your overall success.


VetQuest is the largest and fastest growing online veterinary classified advertisement site, reaching veterinarians worldwide.

VIN Students

Being a veterinary student is tough, but the VIN community is here to support you. VIN is dedicated to providing you — the next generation of veterinarians — with the resources you need to effectively and confidently conquer the challenges you face every day.

VIN Foundation

The VIN Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, exists to better serve animal and human kind by ensuring veterinary professionals have the tools, confidence and support to thrive.

Because empowering one, empowers all.

Cattle Dog Publishing

Cattledog Publishing is the brainchild and legacy of Dr. Sophia Yin, a Veterinarian, Animal Behaviorist, Author, and internationally renowned founder of Low Stress Handling™. As a veterinary student at UC Davis, Dr. Yin began sharing, then publishing, her exceptionally well organized notes (her personal nerdbook) to help other students feel more confident in clinics.

The Nerdbook was an instant success, selling over 4,500 copies in the first year.

After her tragic death, CattleDog Publishing continued distributing Dr. Yin's works and Low Stress Handling training courses.

In 2020, Dr. Yin's trust donated the rights to the Nerdbook to the VIN Foundation. Proceeds from future sales will support VIN Foundation programs that help all colleagues thrive within the veterinary profession.

Dr. Yin's works (other than the Nerdbook) were purchased by Veterinary Information Network (VIN). VIN will be responsible for updating the Nerdbook and Dr. Yin's other works to ensure her legacy and mission to improve animal health and well-being live on.


Drip Learning Technologies, also known as (pronounced “drip-dot-vet”) is rethinking the veterinary online education experience by providing courses taught using drip methodology covering medical, business, financial, legal and ethical issues encountered by veterinary professionals and students.

Mission Statement

“The VIN® mission is to inspire and facilitate excellence within the worldwide veterinary community.”